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Our partners are of high importance to us. While receiving great support by the National Committee of the European Youth Parliament in Switzerland, its resources are limited and we rely on the generosity of independent partners and cooperation with corporations in order to keep the costs for participants as low as possible while ensuring a rich experience and a great learning environment. We strongly believe that the participation in the Forum will help our young participants in shaping their future path. Thus, by contributing to the success of the forum, you are directly contributing to the personal and professional development of 200 young people.

Our partners benefit from media coverage within the national borders and beyond, reaching the furthest corners of Europe. Also, depending on the kind of partnership engaged in, our sponsors can directly get in touch with the participants, for instance by distributing promotion material, presenting their products on site, at the fair or through a direct address.

Last but not least, our partners gain access to a public of over 200 participants from various European countries and a general network reaching over 30’000 new people annually.

Already supporting us

Examples of in-kind support

Tote bags

Bags such as these can be handed out during check-in to every participant of the conference and serve as a fantastic method of gathering exposure.


The materials can also be included in the welcome bag, or be present as a lanyard for ID tags. The materials approach is especially useful for institutions or attractions, whereas lanyards are best suited companies that want to increase brand awareness.


The banners are present during events such as Opening Ceremony or General Assembly and are positioned behind the speaker.


Interested in supporting our project and and becoming a partner of the event that reaches 250 young Europeans from 25 different countries?

Contact our Head of Fundraising – we’d love to hear from you!

Laura Sharon Ahlborn

Head of Fundraising