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BASEL 2018

An innovative session that excels

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Basel 2018 – First International Forum of EYP Switzerland is a Session organised by the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Switzerland. The Session will gather around 250 young Europeans in the city of Basel from the 5th to the 12th of April 2018. The event is head-organised by Kate Gurevich and Allegra Margelisch who are currently working together with a team of more than 20 voluntary organisers in order to make the Session happen.

IF Basel 2018 will focus on innovation as a driver of a safe, healthy, sustainable and, most importantly, happy future. During the session, participants will address the three milestones of every innovative idea: Getting the right people into the appropriate setting to encourage innovative creations, ensuring the knowledge behind the idea is transmitted for further development and making sure that the resulting creation can be put to use where it is most needed.

Ideas for ways to improve our present and our future are everywhere and young people are most capable to see and implement those ideas. With Switzerland considered to be the most innovative nation in the world and Basel being the hub for innovation within the country, we are sure to be able to create the perfect setting for finding new and creative approaches that ensure a brighter future for everybody.

The theme

Under the theme “Innovation Building the Framework for Tomorrow”, the session will focus on innovation as a driver of a safe, healthy, sustainable, and, most importantly, happy future. Ideas for possible ways to improve our present and our future are everywhere and young people are most capable to see and implement those ideas. With Switzerland considered to be the most innovative nation in the world and Basel being the hub for innovation within the country, we are sure to be able to create the perfect setting for new and creative approaches to ensure a brighter tomorrow for everybody.

Different roles

Each EYP conference is made for Delegates – young Europeans who take part in discussions and formulate the resolution. Besides them, however, there are three teams responsible for overseeing different official aspects of the event. Find out more about them here.

The International Forum is organised for and attended by delegates, who are students between 16 and 25 years of age from all over Europe, selected – on the basis of characteristics such as social commitment, motivation and academic excellence. Divided into subgroups, committees, they will learn how to act as a team and prepare solutions to contemporary socio-political problems that are related to the session theme,“Innovation Building the Framework for Tomorrow”. Participation in the session provides them with new insights into a broad range of European and global issues. As English will be the session’s working language, participants have the opportunity to improve their English skills. 

The Chairs’ Team is constituted by the Board – President and Vice-Presidents – and chairpersons of the session. This team is responsible for facilitating the discussion of the delegates and ensuring the academic quality of the session. While the board structures and oversees the chairpersons’ pre-session preparation and work on site, the chairpersons are in charge of each committee. They are responsible for establishing a framework that makes efficient team work possible and occupy the role of a guide rather than a leader as they do not actively suggest solutions to arising problems but enable the delegates to solve the latter on their own. The Board’s member as well as the Chairpersons are usually university students and experienced members of the EYP.

The Media Team’s task is to document the session. It is formed by one or two Editors, Editorial Assistants and several Journalists. In addition to providing pre-session output, they will be present throughout the session, interviewing participants, reporting on the committees’ progress and pursuing their own theme-related projects. In forms of pictures, journals, and videos the Media Team covers all session happenings, writing, filming and editing content, which is published on various social media channels.

The main force behind the event’s realisation is the organising team, led by two experienced organisers of the EYP. After an extensive planning period the organisers ensure that the event runs smoothly. While the biggest part of the organising team will stay in the background during the session, they are responsible for the planning of the session, amongst other things fundraising, legal aspects, venues, and accommodation. Organisers gather experience in project management on a large scale, in the preparation and during the session.

Elements of the session

During the first two days of the conference, the Participants will go through Teambuilding.

That collection of group activities is meant to moderate inhibitions, promote multicultural understanding and strengthen democratic values amongst the participants. Consequently, they will learn how to work as an international team. Participants are led by their Chairpersons, experienced facilitators, who prepare Teambuilding activities and ensure equal opportunities for all participants. This requires strong leadership skills, that are strengthened during various trainings pre-session.

Committee Work is where all the problem-solving takes place. 

Delegates get involved in structured discussions concerning current European or local issues. They will be divided into 12 Committees, each of which will be discussing a different topic related to innovation. All ideas presented by the participants are their own, therefore no role-playing or simulation is involved. The participants are given a unique opportunity to learn how to listen to different opinions, make compromises and look at a topic from a  thorough, global perspective.

Besides the main programme, the participants of the IF Basel 2018 will take part in a variety of academic and cultural events, aiming to further their understanding and awareness of the session’s theme of innovation, as well as enhancing the cultural exchange and social interactions between the participants.

On the afternoon before General Assembly, a Lobby Event will be organised. Its aim is for everyone to take a look at all resolutions so as to be prepared for General Assembly and to propose amendments. Promoting inter-committee dialogue on topics and ideas is the key here, for academic as well as social purposes, and also to enhance bonds and intellectual conversation. The higher purpose is to better simulate the political decision-making process, where it is normal procedure to propose an idea, and then ask for input from other stakeholders, revising the idea before discussing and voting on it during the final General Assembly.

Furthermore, the IF Basel will allow its participants to experience the city of Basel by holding various events in historical venues across the city and by hosting a dinner during a boat ride on the river Rhine, thus offering views of the city from its best side.

In the last two days of the conference, all participants gather at the General Assembly in order to present their ideas in the form of contributions to the debate as well as speeches and scrutinise their own and others’ opinions. Their proposed resolutions will later be presented to European, national and local decision-makers, who will further discuss the youth’s ideas in their agendas.

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